Thursday, June 10, 2010

iPhone 4 - would it really change everything again?

I ain’t techie - frustrated maybe.

I am not even a gadget lover - perhaps I don’t have the means to grab any.

I am not a shopper of electronic stuffs and all. I just settle on what is available as long as it serves the purpose.

Like for a cellphone – I am using a black & white mobile phone before, enough that I can send and receive SMS and calls.

But I do have an iPhone this time, obviously not the latest release - Just an 8GB one.

Never did I buy it… It is just a result of an exchange with my fiance. I won’t intend buying it most probably (thanks dadi!).

However, the release of the new model has captured my attention, as I have told myself if I do enjoy using my iPhone with its current features, no doubt iPhone4 would be just almost perfect.

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