Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still Have Not Learned About EC Dropping and Adgitizing :(

It is one of my objectives to fully established my sites while they are new. I have been spending at least five (5) hours every night to update my posts and blog hop.

Just the other night, as I have already mentioned, I organized and distributed the Memes for me to join in from time to time. With that, I can now follow a certain system of my blog hopping activity in which I am expecting to earn more traffic and eventually gain more followers and win some on-line friends.

Sometimes it is just so frustrating that those whom you get to follow do not return the favor. Well I guess, it is basically part of the blogging experience and I must give them the benefit of the doubt and understand that bloggers do not just sit in front of their computers 24 hours a day. Even myself allot only one-fourth (1/4) of my time daily.

For this reason, I should learn more tips and ways on how to increase traffic and maybe thats EC dropping and adgitizing. I must admit until this very moment, I still do not know how to do such.

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