Sunday, September 5, 2010

iPhone Apps Not Loading

One of my colleagues borrowed my iPhone to check on its installed applications. He then touched on the finger scanner and eventually asked me if that's working. I nodded yes but when I tried it myself it just opened but it did not went through. That's when I realized that it again has a problem. I tried almost every applications but all were in the same condition.

When I get home from the office, it was my first assignment to fix this apps problem. I have tried various ways such as:

-deleting some of the apps as well as those mails downloaded as there could be a memory issue
-resetting the settings
-rebooting the phone
-removing and putting back the SIM card

but unfortunately these things did not work.

The next thing I did was having the iPhone plugged to my desktop to have it synchronized again to iTunes. After a few minutes,I clicked on the apps and glad to have seen them functioning again.Happy to have it resolved myself without the need for me to ask for a professional technician to do it with fees. ;)

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