Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Four (4) Regrets I had on Temporarily Leaving the Blogosphere

While it is but easy for me to get back to my hobby of blogging, I am now a bit disappointed on the outcome of temporarily leaving the blogosphere.

Sad Seeing the Gaps

I am sad seeing the trail of posts where I got a gap of more than a quarter of a year in between my posts.

Sad that I am no Longer Earning

Due to the gaps I incurred, I have lost the chance of earning the way I use to I have to reestablish my site, post more and more on a regular basis.

Sad about Rejections

Obviously, it is expected for my sites to be disapproved by the paying advertisers for the same reason that it has been inactive for quite some time.

Sad about the New Requirements

There are credible and reliable paying advertiser who modified their requirements and it has a significant effect on my sites.

I really am sad and regretful about it and I wish I can regain everything. =(

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