Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diagnosing Internet Connection Problem

I was so upset a while ago when I wasn't able to connect through my broadband.
Have tried to unplugged and plugged the wires as a basic troubleshooting step but it didn't worked.
Have restarted and rebooted my PC for several times but still nothing did happen.
Have the connection status repaired but it brought me to the same unfavorable result.
Have switched from one internet browser to the next but both have outcomes alike.
I even tried the XP diagnostic process and it was another failure.

And so these things have given me no choice that I had to call a network support to assist me on my problems.Glad that there was no traffic as I dialled which made me connected to the customer service representative (CSR) after a few seconds of my iPhone ringing.

I was actually advised with the same thing I've initially done. The unplugging and plugging back of wires which provides the internet connectivity.However, I did it again to complete the support process although it had the similar effect as the first attempts.

The next  thing she asked me to do is the "ping" process by clicking on the start menu, going through the run window, typing "cmd" and eventually "ping" with a series of numbers which I think corresponding to somewhat like an IP address (but not my IP add).

After doing all the things, it was still unsuccessful; so the CSR just asked for my details to set a schedule for a technician to check my line. 

Ever wonder why I am able to do blogging right now? Simply because the  issue is now resolved. When I am about to give up almost aiming to shut down my PC, my homepage came out. 

The moral of the story, as always "Patience is a Virtue". 

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pomskie said...

The process takes a while because you have lots of treasured files like pictures and songs. I encountered technical issues with my tool(external HDD) but still able to backup everything. You're so lucky because nothing on your virus affected files deleted by my Corporate Antivirus hehehe... Hope you enjoy new games installed.


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