Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wish I Have A Clone

I am an active woman. Given the chance you can find me almost everywhere. I am proactive, hyperactive, sometimes reactive and etc. but not radioactive of course and not even s_ _ u _ l _y active these days.

I am dreaming of having a clone so I can multiply,extend and  spread myself to participate in almost each of my usual activities. 

At this very moment, inside my heart I just want to be Coi's mom. 

And so I wish I have a clone, another Anne(s):

1) to work for me in the office so it will not complicate my blogging task and all
2) to play my favorite sports - be it basketball, badminton, volleyball and table tennis
3) to wash my clothes, prepare our food and clean our home
4) to get along with my friends - in APC, in my previous jobs, my college friends, my childhood acquaintances, my schoolmates back then and the rest of the group of people whom I have known and have never seen again
5) to prepare for our wedding and related stuffs
6) to blog for me especially in times like this when I really feel so sleepy but I still want to write.

If only I can do all these things at the same time, I would have probably done them all in an instant.

I know cloning can only be done in photos but in reality all I can do is to make things one by one and one at a time. 

-sample clone photo-

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