Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Locked iPhone - an unforgettable techie experience

Til now, I have not really recovered yet from my locked iPhone. I just realized lately that it was really an outcome of a modest stupidity of mine. Being an explorer sometimes bring you harm if you don't do it in a more persistent way.

I should have researched more. I should have ignored my paranoia. So I won't need to go to a communication network and insisted to them to do the reconfiguration of my phone while I did not really purchase it from them. So I need not go to a service center and made me believe that I even got the repair at a lower price. Haizz! Another lesson learned for me and I would want to share this with you guys, if in case the same thing happens to you, you'll know what to do without having to go to a repair man who sometimes intend to betray you.

Regardless of the brand and model of your mobile phone you should first consult Mr. Google about it. Try to be as patient as possible so you'll get an appropriate solution to your problem. Why I am telling  this to you?

Going back to my iPhone repair instance, I noticed the repair man that he was blocking his pc monitor so as not for me to see what he's doing. As I peeped on it, I have exactly seen that he typed something in a search bar in an internet window perfectly similar to the google interface. Sigh! I actually did the same thing but I did not practice the virtue of patience then. Instead, I silently panicked and thought of bringing it really to service center. 

After a few click and reading from the PC he then plugged my iPhone through a USB and suddenly it was unlocked. I kept the scenario on his monitor in my mind. So he proceeded and did the touch thing in my iPhone. I knew he just had the phone connected to wifi and did download an application from there. He had it done at more or less 45mins. Maybe the connection was not that fast so the downloading process really took him long. Then, he handed me the phone and bingo! It has been reconfigured and the network service has been restored. 

When I got the phone I checked on it and this new application captured my attention. It was named as Fuzzyband so I asked him what was that and he just told me that "wag mo nang pansinin yan, wala lang yan" (just ignore that, it's nothing).So I did, wanting to go home I paid him with our agreed price - almost equivalent to my daily salary. I had no choice but to regret about it at the back of my mind. I already thought of doing the same thing I saw from the screen. I just downloaded a twitter apps and after which I decided to go straight home.

The Sorry me upon arriving home immediately turned on my desktop PC and visited Mr. Google. I got into one of the results which was actually a forum and saw the answer to my problem exactly matching to the pictures that flashed in the PC monitor of the serviceman. Apparently, this has brought me even more regrets at that time. Knowing that I only need an MS.Net Framework and that same Fuzzyband application to restore my Iphone back to it's functionality. Haaayy... That's life.

Notes: The latest models of mobile phones may not be resolved by some of the available software around the net as hackers are still on the process of studying about them. Not all hackers are harmful to the same kind of people. Sometimes they help as Forums and blogs help as well :D

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Search for more and find the best solution. 

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niko said...

si manong mautak.. itago ba sau google lng din nmn pla.. as if ur so naive nmn na di mo lam ung google duh!

kumita pa sya ha.. hihih isipin mo na lng bru nkatulong ka to someone today..

at may natutunan ka ring bonggang lesson today!! :)


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