Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Blog Lesson Learned From Niko

Obviously, I am a neophyte blogger. A lot of things in the blogosphere still make me confused. There are some stuffs which I would want to do the way other bloggers did them but I just can't.

And for quite many days that passed I was wondering how they were doing the link thing in a word or phrase. Obvoiusly, I am not yet familiar with the icons found above when doing a new post.

So I disturbed my blog mentor Niko once more and asked her about it. I told her I want my blog titles to have a direct link to my blog sites every time I used them to comment from a page to another. I must admit I am typing the URLs one by one so as to reflect my sites.

Below were Niko's instructions

nikoganda (9:59 PM):  gawa ka new post (make a new post)
nikoganda (9:59 PM):  type mo jaz4tot (type the word or phrase you intend to be linked)
nikoganda (4:00 PM):  tapos click mo ung hyperlink ilagay mo ung url www.jaz4tot.blogspot.com  (click the link icon and type the url in a space provided on the dialogue box that will appear)
nikoganda (10:00 PM):  un na (that's it)
And now I am giving it a try:

One more time:

Another one:

And last for now:

And now I would like to put them altogether so I can copy and paste them at once:

I'm glad it worked. Thanks Niko! 

Care for exchange links anyways?

Just leave me your comments once you've followed any of my sites and I will definitely return the favor.


niko said...


as in me ganyan pa dapat??

nkalink kn sa 9 blogs ko noh?! link mo ko now na!!

niko said...

eh ganito bru gusto mo??

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