Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My New Rubber Shoes - Nike Plus

Finally, I was able to get my new rubber shoes from my in-laws as sent by my hubby who’s in Dubai right now. 

At last, I’m already wearing it. I just wear it with excitement given the fact that it is new. But I never knew that there’s something special about it (aside from the thought that it is a gift from dadi).

I have learned that just today when one of my office mates (isay) noticed my shoes’ sole. She discovered that it is a Nike Plus model. Therefore I asked her what’s with a Nike Plus. All I know is that this is just a footwear, it may be a branded one but I know nothing more about it.

She requested me to take it off and told me to lift the inside pad, there we discovered that there is a pocket inside intended for a chip. 

She told me that I need to have that chip (which can be bought from a sports shop), download a Nike Plus apps in my iPhone (since I have an iPhone)  put the chip inside the shoes  and it will automatically connect to the phone through the software and from there I can already monitor my feet’s activities. And of course not only my feet’s movement but its entire body and fitness impact, the length of time, the pace and distance taken and also the number of calories burned.

The chip acts as a sensor. Having it set on my iPhone (also works on iPod nano and iPod touch) I can choose a running mode or customize other workout shortcuts, add them up to my favorites and can even opt to assign workout music playlists.

This is so amazing. It’s as if having a real workout machine where you I can set my exercise goal and it will provide feedback trough its PC synchronization attribute. Not only that, I can also update my friends through social networking sites as it can also be directly linked to facebook, twitter and etc.

Wow! Dare to  have one? I usually do not go for branded and signature items as I'd rather buy from Baclaran or just take advantage of items on sale in the mall so I can have variants of everything, but I Thank Ronnie for this - very much appreciated.


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wow nmn susyaleng rubber shoes ha!!!!

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