Sunday, July 25, 2010

Push Button to Eject Someone

I  am writing this post not because  I have this mechanical stuff or even seen something like this. It is just because this is what I am wishing to have.

I wish I have this thing to press when I want someone to get out of my sight. This past few days I have been feeling irritated and so much annoyed on how people react at me. I know I ain't perfect but I am sure that not all the things I am doing are wrong. I am really mad at those narrow-minded people. If only I can put them inside my pocket so they can be with me all the time to see the things I am doing, I would probably do it. I hate to be treated like I am ignorant of things. I am just keeping myself quiet and trying to maintain my composure. But if they'll continue with their behavior, they wouldn't know where they can pick themselves up.

photo from the internet

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