Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome Back ABS-CBN

For several months now I am not watching television not that we don't have it but because I don't just settle for second best.

Pardon me on this, but I am a Kapamilya fanatic and for me ABS-CBN is the best local channel. I do watch other channels but only for some selected shows.Anyways, we don't have cable subscription so I only have few choices.

And so to give you a background of the story, since we moved in here at our subdivision, that was Year 2008, I wonder why Channel 2's reception was too blurred. Until such time that it was completely lost in our TV set here in our sleeping area. I even thought of it as a sabotage as other networks are playing clear. Come to think of it, who should be doing that to us? Just a crazy assumption. Hihi!

I just let the situation for some time thinking that I have my PC to spend  hours with.  Until typhoon "basyang" came and destroyed my TV antenna so my uncle had no choice but to fix it. Just today he transferred the antenna to its new position while we checked if it is already picking up the Kapamilya channel. 

Good thing it was a success, I was able to watch a little of "The Buzz" this afternoon where I learned that Lloydie and Shaina has been steady for 3months already (John Lloyd admitted it).

I am now hoping to watch other Kapamilya TV series.

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redamethyst said...

ay ako rin. kapamilya rin. :)


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