Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Badminton Racket Got Re stringed


Last Thursday afternoon, just before our practice, I brought my racket to an sports boutique. I had it re stringed after three (3) years of having it.

my yellow racket

Honestly, I don't have any idea about the string on how it affects a person's style of playing. I just learned about the tension thing on the same day. I also had this thinking that string itself would have something to do about the tension but I was informed that it is the Stringer Machine that makes it.

Stringer Machine
I realized then that the reason why even how hard I smashed the ball it does not seem to be that strong because of the tension. I even discovered that my racket has a maximum of 20lbs tension capacity. Just enough for a beginner and just right for a front row player like me.
I have tried using a racket that is heavier and of higher tension but I never performed so well. Maybe, I would have to practice more of it and have to buy another. Hehe! If my budget permits, why not?

I will make a pledge here, if we became the women doubles badminton champion  for this year's sports fest, I will buy a new racket.


Christian said...

I have a badminton racket too but I haven't restringed it yet... Great choice for MYM!

Btw, I'm Christian and I just followed you...Can you add me please?

You can view my entry here:

eileeninmd said...

Great choice for MYM! Have a great week!

Badminton Rules said...

Wow! That's cool to hear that your Badminton Racket Got Re stringed again. It feels like a new racket again!:) Keep playing badminton and have fun.


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