Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Friend Wants to be a Blogger Too

from left-right (top to bottom) Dhang, Anne, Kat, Beth and Niko
We are originally five (5) in our college group of friends and we call ourselves "Tropang Lima". We were together five (5) times a week then from first year till we graduated in 2002. Until now, we never lose communication, we send text messages sometimes, we chat on-line given the chance and we still gather once in a while for some sort of updating ourselves regarding love life, career and etc. 

There are times when we really do have diverse interests though we try to settle things to get into one common decision in the end. I remember back in college we were having petty conflicts in choosing our venue for lunch. I was the original villain in our story even during those times when Niko was sharing about her passion for blogging and on how she is earning from it. I actually believe her but I don't agree when she said that sometimes she does the thing in office (free-time). I said I'd rather sleep during lunch breaks or spend my time chatting with friends on-line and update my social networking profile. Until I came to the point of getting tired of it all and wanted to try something new. Since I also have the heart in writing I took the opportunity publishing them on-line and that was the start of my love for blogging.

At first, I didn't have enough of determination to pursue it so I stopped and skipped for a year or so. Now that I am fully into it, I am becoming another living testimony of how blogging can be some sort of a side line. 
Kat already has her site and has been writing on a commissioned basis. And this post is actually for Beth, she has already expressed her wanting to create a blog for the purpose of earning as well. I just wish she will push through with it. I have also offered to help her and I am now trying to think of what is going to be her blog's title.

I have also been encouraging Dhang so she can redirect her homesickness and even share her feelings through blogging.

Isn't it  a good idea? Who would have thought we can establish our dream of putting-up our own subdivision with houses built and inspired by our favorite colors and symbols through our blog earnings in the future?

Anne for green and leaf.
Beth for yellow and paw print.
Kat for pink and cat.
Dhang for blue and car.
Niko for violet and flower.

I guess we should also invite Jho in here. We should be  Tropang 5+1 now.


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niko said...

aw bru naiyak nmn ako sa post na to.. hihihih

niremind mo ko nung unang panahon na di pa uso ang cp. our notes were left somewhere sa gate ng intramuros with our signature objects :D

nakup. magmeet tau ng isang friday nyt pra maituro ko isa isa ang mga chuvaness.. mahirap pag sa ym eh :D hihihih


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