Saturday, August 14, 2010

Need to Know More

I envy those bloggers who earn a lot doing the blogging thing. I just want to be like them. I want to achieve and gain more from writing just like them.
Imagine myself earning almost the same as my pay in my current employer? Not bad right? Earning extra and enjoying in my craft.
I guess I need to know more, understand more and work for more. I must have a full grasp of everything about blogging. For now, I need to absorb the ideas of earning traffic, through adgitizing and dropping of entrecard and etc.
Still a long way to go for me, I may have to exercise a lot of patience and determination.
Last July, I earned $26 from commissioned articles. There was also a GC worth $60 but I don’t know how I can use it. For this month, I’ve got $7 more of it and $35 unpaid from my own opps.
I must strive harder to increase my earnings. This will definitely do me a lot in the future.

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