Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Start Blogging and Earning On-line

I made a letter for a co-worker who showed an interest to earn on-line as well. Since we do not have much time in office, I hope this somehow helps.

Hi Ma'am _ _ _ _,

I know I have promised to discuss with you about my $ sideline thing and I hope I can somehow share it thru here.
As for me I have two ways earning online. The first one is direct from the advertiser and the other one is that of on a commissioning basis.

1) Direct - here you have to set-up your own blogsite. You may register either on (via wherein you have to create an email address with gmail) or on

It requires patience and perseverance as you cannot earn in an instant. Once you have created your blogsite, you have to wait until it aged at least 90days AND with at least 20-30posts or articles which you will have to write. When it does, you will have to submit it to various advertisers such , , etc. If ever your blog will be approved they will sentd you blog assignments - some sort of product reviews or on-line site promotions (article). You will be paid at least $5 for an article depending on the number of words as required.
2) In commissioning you will have to establish connections. Some bloggers do not have enough time to write for their sites for some filler posts or it could be that they can no longer accommodate all the blog assignments they are receiving so they tend to pass it to another writer. But the earnings in here is not as much earning directly. In most cases $1 per 100words.

How will you obtain your payment? You need to enrol in (there are available instructions to follow). The email address you will be using in there will become your paypal account. Earnings on paypal can be transferred to your existing bank accounts (with charges =( ).

When you register to paypal you will be asked for a credit card in which a $2 equivalent amount will be charged BUT it will be refunded to your paypal account to become your initial balance.

My sites have been idle since October 2010 so I temporarily stopped earning direct assignments. But I am being paid at least $50-$80/month now for some commissioned writing. My friend who's long been blogging is earning at least $1000/month now. She has 10 existing and active sites. Her husband has 5. Dami po no? The secret lies on the number of blog sites you maintain. So the more blog sites you have, the more chances of earning $$$ on-line.

Currently I have 4 blogs but I am still on the verge of making them active again. These are some sort of personal blogs but if you would like to see them here's the URL of my main site.

I would love to demonstrate it to you one of these days, given the chance. Still there are lots of things for us to know. In time you'll get familiar to some blogging terms (opps, meme) as well. It's fun. If you have the passion to write you will enjoy being in the blogosphere plus you'll get to know more friends.

If you have questions, just let me know ma'am.

Thank you.

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Jona said...

thanks for sharing! i'm following this blog too! thanks for following me :D


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