Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eole Watch - Blow on Me and I'll Show You What Time it is

As we all know, there are various energy resources but the most common type we all are familiar about is the battery. Battery is a stored energy resource that we use in most of our gadgets. There are existing electronic units which make use of solar energy as an alternative. However, there is a recent development on watches powered by wind energy instead. Amazing isn't it?

Eole watch utilize the air that you blow to run its system. So when you blow on it, it will show you the time.
There is as if windmill around the screen which provides the energy. It also has a weather condition and an alarm function. However, we can assume that it has a stored energy for the alarm as it would be some kind of absurd if you would blow on it prior to producing sound. See how it looks like.

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