Monday, May 23, 2011

A Letter To House Developer

Since I acquired our humble able through a housing loan provider the thought of having it did not give me the satisfaction I wanted. I have encountered some problems which I already raised before but now I have to do it all again since there were issues yet  unresolved till this time.

Dear Madam and/or the Engineering Team,


I am writing this letter to request for few things relative to my unit at Block _ Lot _ Phase _ of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Subdivision once and for all.

Just as to give you a background; prior to having the house occupied I have made several requests to check and attend to some troubles encountered on the structure of the unit such as on the uneven size on the steps of the stairs, leak on the lavatory, fault on the ceiling, crack on the walls and I guess a lot more to enumerate.

I’d like to thank you for having the leak and the ceiling resolved (even if I had to spend some more on this). However, those cracks on the wall are increasing and continuously emerging. I remember an engineer have it checked and even took picture of it but no solution has been done on this yet. I don’t know what to do with it as well as on the steps of the stairs but I would appreciate if you can still spend time on these things.

Just last month, we had another issue. We requested to have the water meter transferred as it was located in a spot which created an obstruction. Good thing it was finished but a problem on the flow of water took place. The water pressure was not the same as before it was done. It went too slow and releases smaller amount of water which made our bathroom shower and bidet spray unusable at all. Requesting if the engineering/facilities team could have it checked and made once more.

I don’t know if those changes on the F_ _ _C manning structure caused the issues raised to get pending and accumulating but I wish these problems could still be accommodated and accordingly resolved this time.

Thank you so much and I am hoping for your usual prompt accommodation

Unit Owner

I intended to share this letter as some sort of sample for those who wishes to do the same thing. Moreso I am encouraging people who have the same dilemma to attend on something like this as a precautionary measures. Developer nowadays do not give it their best on their construction projects so if you'll just let these things to happen then I guess it is you as well who would suffer.

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