Thursday, September 20, 2012

Warning - Be Observant

Notorious people are scattered everywhere. Sometimes you just can't recognize them as they are in disguise. But just make sure to be observant of people specially at those strangers trying to roam around your house even at some of those who try to sell something.

Do not just let them get in and have a glimpse of what's inside your home. Be careful as well on picking somebody to become your house helper. Know them better, if you can dig down deep into their personal background do it. It is indeed hard to trust people nowadays. There are a lot of them who are jobless who wants instant wealth so they choose to rob others instead.

Just last night, my boss' house was ransact by four men armed with guns. They got everything, money, jewelries, ATMs, gadgets and a lot more.

So we better take some sort of precautions to avoid such things to happen on us. For those who can afford, maybe you can install some CCTV cameras for added security.

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