Friday, August 3, 2012

Travel to Costa Mesa

July 2012 when my supposed travel to Costa Mesa has been postponed. Now I am starting to process my papers again. I am preparing for my upcoming interview in the US embassy which will happen on August 16, 2012. I have also secure some of the documents like letter of invite, agenda to support the purpose, temporary flight booking, credit card and some identification cards and papers. Relative to it, I am also trying to search for the nearest hotel and restaurants as well as for some shopping malls and recreation centers. Once I got the result of my interview then that is the best time for me to prepare some of the stuffs I am going to bring with me. It is as if I would need movers to transport my things up. Is it indeed the feeling of a first time traveler? I am kind of excited but nervous about it and now I am praying for God's will. Being excited, I have learned that Hollywood is just an hour away from Costa Mesa through private ride but the sad thing about it is that I do not know how to drive a car. If I am going to take the public transport then it will take me two and a half hour to get there which is a waste of so much time. Come what may, if it is for me then I will surely and gladly accept it.

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