Monday, April 23, 2012

Company Health Card

I may say that one of the best benefits my current employer has is the company health card which is being extended to the employees' dependents. I remember before I still have to pay an extra amount for my son to avail of the same health benefits that I enjoy. Lately, I have taken my son to the hospital. He was not sick actually but I was wondering why he has not gaining weight despite taking two vitamins, drinking milk three times a day and of course eating regular meals very well. I thought of having him dewormed and since I cannot decide on which medicine to take I had to consult his pediatrician. That day I was able to encounter some medical billing forms again as I have to avail of the prescribed medicine. Several weeks have passed and now I can say that there has been an improvement in his body. He has gained weight though not as big as I want him to be. But the very good thing about is that he remains to be healthy and as to the health card I need not pay an amount for every medical check he has to undergo.

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