Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Medical Technology or Personal Verdict?

I wonder how the medics has managed to instantly aid Rajon Rondo's injury during their third game with Miami heat. Rondo fell with his left arm as caused by a hard foul committed by Dwayne Wade. Upon seeing the incident, you really would not think that he can play again immediately on the same game.
After a few minutes, Rondo came back to the game and played even with his left arm almost not moving at all. It was such a thrilling scene that he still manage to steal the ball with his injured arm and shoot it on the ring in a slam.
I would like to assume that if that same case occured here in the Philippines I don't think that can be handled that way. It has been confirmed that it was a brutal injury which dislocated the bones on his left arm.
Ouch! I don't know if it was because of USA's advanced medical technology or if it was brought about by personal verdict of Rondo that he can still really play despite of. Good thing Celtics won the game. At least it was worth the sacrifice.

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