Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Renewals

It's the time of the year again as I have availed of annual renewal for my domain and blog hosting. Last month I actually advanced the payment to renew my domains as I am certainly comfortable enough with my provider. This time I guess I would need to renew for my host as well and I am thinking if I will be taking it from the same provider and of course same server or if I should avail a new package from a new source. I am actually looking for something like pci hosting as I have experienced some problems in the past which I do not want to recur. I was tired raising trouble tickets over and over again and until this time I am not sure if some of my sites have been removed from being an attacked page. Of course not anyone would like to have incident as such as that would use up effort and time and would sometime give up the quality of the services or thoughts that you are offering to your customers or visitors. Sometimes it even requires financial involvement like you would be charge for some troubleshooting fees. I hope I can make a good decision this time something really worthwhile to take risk for.

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