Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog,Blog,Blog and Blog

I might have already mentioned that I am now a certified blog addict. Not just once you will hear me speaking about this "blog" thing in a day.

Just yesterday, I have experienced trading my break time for an article. Oh my gosh, I am now choosing blogging over eating. Would this make me thin? Well, good luck to me.

But anyways, that is not my point. I actually wonder how my blogging friends maintain their sites, as in sitessssssssssssssssssss, as they usually keep five (5), seven (7), nine (9) or even more domains.

Based on my own personal experience, I am now having  a hard time regularly updating my four sites with my articles not to mention the effort of making them more appealing by adding gadgets and all. It is indeed not a laughing matter. It is an addictive thing. Once you are in, you will find it harder to get out.

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