Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It Isn't the Connection Really...

I was too expressive these past few days in telling almost everybody that I don't have an internet connection that there was actually a problem about it.

I came home tonight not expecting that this IC will be fixed finally. I am just so glad that it is already working now. My aunt told me that technicians visited again and checked on my connection. She mentioned that according to the techies, it is not the connection which had troubles but the broadband unit itself.

I am just wondering why they did not resolve the issue immediately while they know the very reason why I cannot connect to the net. They waited for me to become too frustrated about their service before they act on the problem.

Anyways, maybe I just have to forgive them this time. Past is passed. What's important is that I got back my connection right now.

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rolito said...

It's good that your internet service is back.

I suggest you send an email to your service provider about this sad incident - their hierarchy need to know your story so they will try to be better next time.

I am sure they will be agitated when they learned of your story, especially if you furnished the National Telecommunication Commission.


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