Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My PC was Reformatted

Prior to my week long disconnection from net, I have always been complaining about virus attacked. I have tried some of the available trouble shooting and researched instructions from net to take it off but nothing happened. The virus continued to propagate.

Last Saturday, I turned the disadvantage of being offline into its opposite. I asked my IT office mate to reformat my desktop instead. Glad he was available to do so and so he did.

He backed-up my files, scanned them after wards while he has also uninstalled my OS and etc.After more or less three (3) hours my PC is back to its normal working condition. My files were cleaned from those damn viruses, my anti-virus was replaced with something new, additional music and games installed and some of the applications were updated.

Thanks to my friend Pao for such an effective resolution to my PC's problem. I am now enjoying moments of being on-line again.

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