Friday, August 13, 2010

To Whom Should I Give Credit for my Badges???

This is going to be my last post for tonight.

I would just like to acknowledge the effort and creativity of one of my dearest friends Niko for making the badges for my four (4) sites.

Here are the products of her endeavor acting as my blogging mentor.

Just For A Thought - my domain site

Emotera - blog of my emotions

My Prince ---> Macoi - special blog for my one and only son

And for here:
Trying Hard Techie - site for my being a frustrated IT, Computer Engineer and Gadget Lover

Dear blogging friends, hope you'll find time to visit and follow my sites then grab my badges as well.

In case you do, just leave me a note and I will definitely return the favor.

Thanks bru!

1 comment:

niko said...

yay! may ganun?!!

nilagay ko na ang mga badges mo sa 9 blogs ko! :)

am glad u liked them hihih



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